Vallejo Game Color - Polished Gold



This paint is brighter than Vallejo's Glorious Gold


Vallejo's metallic paints are really bright as well as shiny. I suggest washing them after applying to a model if you're looking for a more used look. Definitely thin them with an actual medium, not just water because the metallic flakes will break up and cause inconsistencies when painting! 


Vallejo's description below:

Highly pigmented, light fast and waterproof once dry, and packaged in a spillproof plastic 17ml bottle with eyedropper. 

Vallejo Game Color and Model Color are special selections of water based acrylic colors for players and collectors of miniatures games. A formula particularly designed for abherence on plastics and metals, using a new resin of unequalled durability and resistance to scrapes and abrasions.


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