The Army Painter Quickshade Wash Set

Army Painter

Washes...the paint that takes your model from "meh" to "how you doin'?".

Don't want to worry about what washes you have? This excellent set includes 11 (yep, eleven) washes to hold down any colour and any effect you need. The washes included are:

  1. Strong Tone
  2. Dark Tone
  3. Soft Tone
  4. Flesh Wash 
  5. Light Tone
  6. Mid Brown
  7. Green Tone
  8. Military Shader
  9. Purple Tone
  10. Blue Tone
  11. Red Tone

These washes also mix excellently with one another, so if you need to darken your blue wash or add a little more red to your brown, there's no harm done.

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