AK-Interactive: PRIMER (60ml)

The Warpainter

This airbrush primer is an excellent way to start all projects. I find it adheres really well to all materials (plastic, resin, pewter) and gives a slightly satin finish, which doesn't really matter since you're priming. 

Doesn't smell, easy to clean out of your airbrush and has great coverage. 60ml should have this last a long time. Really good bang for buck here! 


AK Interactive's description below:

Our Waterborne polymer primer is available in a black (white and grey) color perfectly suited for use under all types of color finishes. Its superb adhesion qualities combined with a matt-satin finish make our primer the perfect choice for preparing models for painting. Only a light layer of primer is required for full, effective coverage. Water soluble, odorless and non-toxic.


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