About this shop!

Hey there, 


First off, thanks for coming! 


The Warpainter was something I dreamt up when I recently blasted back into the word of miniature painting over the last year. As a Canadian wargamer, it can sometimes be really tough to find both up and coming and established brands in our hobby. I decided it was time to create a business where I could ideally find these brands and make them available first and foremost to fellow Canadians for as friendly of a price as I could get away with. 


Let's get a few things out in the open:


  • I am a one man show. I handle all my inventory from distributors, all the emails and all the shipping of goods. I do sometimes wish I was a robot, but if you're curious about anything, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at info@thewarpainter.com
  • I am Canadian, and so are these prices. I try my best to make the conversion rate work from my distributors. A lot this stuff comes from the States, so don't hesitate to price match me with fellow Canadian retailers! 
  • I am just starting out. My inventory is tiny at best, but I want to get the bare essentials first and then move into more unique products. If there's something you wished I had on my site, please email me and let me know:) info@thewarpainter.com 

Thanks for taking the time, and please let me know how I can make this site better for all of us wargamers in the Great White North!