Enjoy our selection of brushes specifically for painting by The Army Painter. I am looking to purchase from Broken Toad as well as Windsor & Newton soon!

BrokenToad MK2 Miniatures Series Full Set

Back in stock soon!


A set of 4 outstanding brushes from BrokenToad in the UK. Made from Kolinsky Sable, these keep a very sharp point with a brush for all miniature painting needs.

Keep in mind that authentic Sable will hold a bit more water than normal and are very soft. You do not need to press very hard against your miniature to deposit paint! 

The set comes with the following brush sizes in a storage box:

  • Size 3/0 (or 000 aka very fine. Like insanely fine.)
  • Size 0
  • Size 1
  • Size 2 (a very solid workhorse)

BrokenToad's own description below:

BrokenToad MK2 paint brushes are individually handmade from 100% pure Siberian male Kolinsky sable (Mustela Sibirica) hair, giving superior snap and paint retention, fitted onto a sleek, contemporary wooden handle shaped to give the brush excellent control and balance. The brush head features an ample belly, capable of holding a generous amount of paint, which tapers to a very fine point allowing the paint to flow precisely and accurately onto the model. With its natural conical shape and excellent snap we feel that handmade Kolinsky sable hair brushes are the best choice for model painters.


BrokenToad MK2 Miniatures Series Brushes

Back in stock soon!


This is The Army Painter TAPBR7017 Wargamer Brush: Masterclass Brush.

This Masterclass Brush is as good as it comes. The absolute finest Kolinsky Sable hair is used to make this handmade brush into a work of art. Needle like point ensures maximum accuracy and the black triangular handle gives 100% control. Size 2/0.


Army Painter Wargamer Brush - Regiment
Army Painter Wargamer Brush -  Drybrush