Battle Brothers Studio

Battle Brothers Studio

June 14, 2018

Hi Adam, let’s get right into it! Tell us how you named your studio. Are these brothers battling one another or are they brothers that do battle? Where can we learn a bit more and get in touch with you for a commission?

    Hey Marco it’s awesome to chat with ya! I came up with the name because I initially was wanting to build this business with a friend. He got busy doing other things but ultimately the dream was to build a business that supported gamers by helping them get their models painted but also great hobbyists by bringing projects to multiple people for a little extra income. The name Battle Brothers Studios ultimately came about because the friend I started the studio with looks a lot like me and we used to use each others ID cards at bars to see if we could get away with it. We became so close that we just started joking with people that we were brothers. The common phrase amongst the space marines made it a great fit for the studio.

    You can find me at: or email me at

    You mentioned you paint a minimum of 35 hours/ we’re basically talking full time. Some folks may call that a risky move. Was there a defining moment where you threw up your hands and took the full time plunge, and, in your eyes, what are some pros and cons of being a full time painter?

      Indeed there was! It was a leap of “faith” if you will. I was actually finally convinced by my lovely wife to get rid of all my gaming stuff three and a half years ago because I hadn’t touched it in a while. As I was slowly offloading on Kijiji I had people start asking me to paint stuff for them. It started small but kept growing and got to a point where I couldn’t manage essentially working three jobs so something had to go. I quit my job working at a cell phone company and decided to put all that time into growing the business. Three years later we are still here and painting models so that’s a good thing! The pro’s are easy, it’s fun, I can be home with my wife and kid, work when I feel like it and flex my creative muscles on the regular. The cons are when you come up to the end of the month and realize that you need to book something or else you won’t have enough for rent next month. Thankfully every time that happens emails just pour in!

      What’s a technique you want to master this year?

        I think I want to get better at glazing and working with colour theory a little more to make some fun and interesting new colour combinations!

        Show us what your studio looks like...right now! What’re you working on?

          I have 2 Salamanders thunderfire cannons, about 20 Star Trek ships, a big cardboard box full of orks, a bunch of terrain for the Youtube channel, some stuff for a new skirmish game called Wild West Exodus, a Talons of the Emperor 40k army and a tyranid theme 6’ x 4’ gaming table coming through the pipe! That is of course on top of all my personal projects.

          That is some tasty white right there. 

          What’s a model you’ve been dying to paint, and why?

          If I had to be honest it would be to make a mechanicum army for personal collection! The models are super nice and that new Forgebane box makes it really easy to start. If I had to pick a single model then it would be my Mastodon because it’s been on my shelf for too long and I want to play some 30k games with it!

          What’s a tip (besides the classic ‘thin your paints’) that you want to pass on to as many hobbyists as you can?

            Just paint as many models as you can. The best way to learn is to keep painting. Don’t stop and stay teachable.

            You’re part of a content producing team called Encounter Wargaming. What are your goals this year? How can we help you get there?

              Our goals this year are to start live broadcasting tutorials and battle reports as well as introduce some new games into the rotation! Anyone reading this can help by supporting us on Patreon so we can look towards a studio space to record in a quiet environment. That would be the biggest hurdle for us to overcome and would be the biggest increase in production quality! Living in the downtown core of Toronto you can imagine, rent isn’t cheap and apartments aren’t large enough to play games in so we have to rely on outside support to keep the channel growing.

              The floor is yours. Plug anything you want; yourself, upcoming events, your work and what your favourite thing to listen to while painting is!

                Oh man! Our gaming club, Hogtown 40k, is putting on its first large sized multi day event (check out The Hogtowner HERE) We have official sponsors, of which you are one which is so cool, and it will be catered. We are trying to make this event both competitive and fun for people who are interested in all aspects of the hobby. We have MANY different types of awards to give out and at this point about $1200-1500 of prizes to give away. Everyone who attends will get a coupon to my painting studio which will be fun. The best part of this event is that it is right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Usually for an event like this you would most certainly need a car but this event is easily accessible to all of us Torontonians.

                Also I’ll be doing some new promotions for 2018 including a discount on commissions for any new releases from any miniature company and special bundles for skirmish games.

                Those will all stack with my current bundle pricing for large orders. The two options on large orders are:

                1. a discount OR
                2. a free custom army display base which is designed for tournaments to PUMP UP that appearance/painting score and transport your army from table to table.

                Lastly my favourite thing to listen to while painting are sermons. I’m a Christian that loves Jesus and the bible and I think it’s the most important thing to do in life is to grow spiritually so since I have a lot of time to think, meditate and pray while painting toys I take advantage. Other than that zombie movies or zombie TV shows are fun too haha!

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